Floral Fantasia

Rediscover our iconic floral fragrances. Each bottle beckons you to a sensory voyage through enigmatic gardens, where every olfactory note whispers a tale of its own.
For any purchase of $305+, a trio of 5 ml miniatures will be our gift to you.*


Ethereal Escapes

Gentle whispers of the summer breeze, at times daring and adventurous, our fragrances unfurl into symphonies of delicate and refreshing notes, a poetic escape to distant realms.
With every purchase of $305 or more, a trio of miniatures awaits.*


A Unique creator

"Defined as colorless, odorless, yet when deep, without being talkative, water speaks of a fragrance..." Serge Lutens


The creator

Serge lutens,
another vision of perfume
Serge lutens, another vision of perfume

After several years of olfactory creation dedicated to the Salons du Palais Royal Shiseido, Serge Lutens created his own brand of perfumes in 2000. In a few years, the label imposes its singularity in the landscape of the world perfumery. Far from the standardized speeches delivering the perfume like a cooking recipe, Serge Lutens chooses to let another voice express itself: that of emotion. More than a list of ingredients, or a clever olfactory pyramid, isn't perfume above all the story of each one, a memory that we have sheltered since childhood that it is up to us to find?

Discover his vision

Olfactory Families

A unique family that only exists at Serge Lutens!
Softness, purity, consolation... An enveloping down, a family of sensations as well as olfaction. Comfort in a bottle.

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